About Mudless

Meet our team

Angel, the founder, was fed up with the mess that her two dogs, Tamama and Karara, left behind whenever they went outside to play. The mud and wet grass would cling to their bellies and legs, leaving her with the daunting task of cleaning them up after every outdoor adventure.

One day, Angel decided that enough was enough. She set out to find a solution to the never-ending problem of muddy and wet pets. That's when she had an idea - what if there was a better way? Then. Mudless was born.

Our products are made from high-quality materials that are designed to keep pets clean and dry, no matter the weather or terrain. Each product is tested and approved by Tamama and Karara themselves, ensuring that they are comfortable and practical for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

At Mudless, we believe that every pet owner deserves to spend more time playing and less time cleaning up after their furry friends. And we're proud to offer the ultimate solution for dog owners who are tired of dealing with muddy and wet bellies.

Try Mudless today and discover a cleaner, happier life with your furry friend!